Saturday, November 15, 2008

“pregnant man” who should care?

Note: this blog was in part inspired by Helen G blog Pregnant man is pregnant which I did reply to. I did use that replay as a base for this post. But as usual I had more to say :)

I watched the 20/20 episode on Thomas Beatie tonight (thank goodness for DVR) and I have to comment on some of the things that were discussed. First off, I'm glad that the baby does have parents that love and care for this child. I am disturbed by the lack of caring and hatred shown in some of the messages sent to Thomas and his family. Wishing death to him and his family. HOW DARE THEY. Why do people insist on judging what they themselves do not understand. At least do your research before you dare to put any judgment on ANYONE.

TO THE ASSHOLE (please excuse my language) who said that god does not make mistakes. Did this asshole ever think that Thomas was put on this earth with the condition that he has, for a purpose. Maybe it was to show the world how diverse the universe really is. There are people born every day with conditions like missing fingers, arms legs, born with genetic conditions like cleft lips, down syndrome for example. The list goes on and on. Just because someone is born transgender, does not make them any different than anyone else. And it sure in the heck does not make them any less human. And until recently (last 20 or so years), people who are transgender had no other options to treat their condition. We have a viable treatment know, so back off. We have the right to treat this condition and we will.

Sorry I got carried away, but all this gets to me at times. I'm pre-op and want to be able to provide for my family and continue to teach my kids what values and dignity really mean. And they will surely not be taught Bigotry and hate. I’ve always taught my kids to respect others and treat them as they would want to be treated. I was not allowed to tell my kids until they each were around 15 that I was trans, but it didn’t make a difference. They love and respect me for who I am, not based on appearances, clothes or anything else. And Yes I have their support for my transition. I am so proud of them.

People should be ashamed of themselves to even think about taking Nancy's parental rights away. They both seem to be a very loving couple and I'LL BET that there child will grow up to be a much better HUMAN than the bigots that have sent them hate mail or message. If there is a case to take away parental rights, I’d say first look at the bigots out there. After all they are a much BIGGER threat to society than the Beatie’s. Ok, Nancy had issues conceiving a child and Thomas just happen to still have the right plumbing to conceive a child, so what. They both are the parents and the way I see it, they are doing their best to provide and take care of that child (ok, soon to be children). And another thing, what the heck is this Parent/Parent crap on the birth certificate of their child. Thomas is legally male and Nancy is legally female. What the heck is the issue, WAKE UP OHIO. Gee whiz!!!

I see changes in attitudes everyday and that gives me hope for a brighter future for everyone. But the fact remains that there is a lot of work that still needs to be done to educate people on transgender issues. Sure, in the Beatie’s case, it brings up many issues that not as many people think about on a daily basis, but who’s to say that what they are going through right now, with having a child will not be an issue with you or I later on down the road of our journey. I think everyone just needs to back off and let this family take care of their new family. YES I SAI D IT. FAMILY!!! So for me. They have my support and they will always have my support. I hope this family remain blessed and have a great future.

God Bless the Beatie's

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